King Koil Sunrise
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King Koil Sunrise

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King Koil is Ireland's number 1 hotel bed maker. This reknowned 3 star+ city hotel bed is proven to perform even with the most demanding use. With Chiropractor approved back care features that re-inforce the centre third. Firm durable hotel grade coil springs, combined with Flex-edge™ border supports and wire framing, keep this great mattress in long life shape.

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  • Durable firmer feeling hotel grade Coil Springs
  • International Chiropractor Approved back care properties
  • Chiro-bars™ across mid section add lumbar support
  • Flex-edge™ border supports help prevent border sag
  • Hotel style geometric-patterned stretch fabric with co-ordinated tape edge
  • Hard working hotel grade foam and fibre fillings for longer-lasting comfort
  • Turnable mattress for longer life – two sided
  • Convenient and secure handles assist in positioning the mattress